The Best Way to Get Your Local Business Website Ranked High in Google

You have discovered why your small business simply must own an Internet site to continue to be competitive in today’s online world. And now you also acknowledge that merely setting up an internet site Is not adequate; your business internet site has to display really high in Google’s search results page, or you are throwing revenue down the drain. Therefore how do you get an Internet site that will rank high in Google’s search engine?There are infinite web designers you could reach in your area to develop your website. You could search the INTERNET to find hundreds more all over the country who would be excited to develop your website for you. Some may bill you several hundred bucks, at a minimum, while others will bill you several thousand dollars to design and develop your a website for your business. But the most important part is the fact that not one out of a hundred of these website developers will know anything about constructing you a website that puts your site into Google’s top rankings.You see, website architects, particularly the ones who aren’t doing work for huge companies, taught themselves to make Internet sites that only look nice. And some of the website designers are pretty good at it. They can design and build you a terrific looking website with all the latest high tech gadgets. You will be impressed, and when you display it for your acquaintances, they will be even more impressed. Without doubt, you will have one really cool and attractive Internet site.But you will not acquire new customers because you will not be placed high in Google’s search result pages.And that’s is really the way it is.How come? Because Google does not rank websites by how stylish they are. Google does not care which website has the neatest rotating banner ads, the most advanced use of audio sound files, the most fanciful use of Flash movies, or the most beautiful jpeg pictures. Any of the stuff that “master” web designers loves to flaunt and bill you big dollars for. As a matter of fact, not only does that flashy stuff not assist in higher-rankings in Google, a great deal of it can have a exceedingly negative effect on your websites ranking. The last thing you want to do if you are looking for clients for your local business on the Internet.So what does Google look for when ranking websites? Sites that Google’s software system labels to be extremely relevant to the users search term. When people search for “Wichita antique store” Google wants to show them information they will find useful. Google will direct them to sites that are the best matches for the term “Wichita antique store”, not the ones with the most attractive animated cartoons or buttons.There are ways of constructing a website that Google will rank high. It is called “website optimization”. When we design and build your website, we optimize the contents of the website to rank high in Google’s search result pages. Extremely high. And let me tell you something, the higher up your websites listing is in Google’s ranking, the easier it to remain there, because more people will be viewing your site. And that will let Google’s “spiders” know that your site is more relevant than the competition. When we build you a Top Ranked Website, you will go right to the top of the search pages, and stay there!Most web designers are going to want to charge you several thousand bucks to design and build your site. But that’s not really required at all. With our website design services you will get a really beautiful website that ranks high in Google and brings you more leads and customers. There is no need to spend five thousand or more on a site that amazes people with its design. That’s not what a local business website is intended for, anyway. It’s to get your business more clients so you can make more profit.If you contact us today you can have a beautiful website that is also listed at the top of Google’s rankings, and that will give you more visibility, more clients and brings you tons of fresh leads and new customers.

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